Saturday, April 16, 2005

Tech Club Updates Term II

I hope everyone is having a good time at Technology Club. Else better start having.

Be informed that 20% of all proceeds will go to the club. Which can be spent on our Club BBQ expected date last week of Term II.

Events/ Training
Deya & Wann Ching will be conducting a video editing workshop for S2-S4 students next week 22 April 05 , Friday.

Got to give it to Zhenming, Zhengjie & Sooraj for diligently preparing for the upcoming Micromouse Competition in May. All the best to our teams.

S1 are busy with Lego Mindstorms under the tutelage of Ms Marina to prepare for the NJRC. Please be serious with the training coz this year we gonna bring home the Gold to add to our collection.

Those who have been assigned to prepare for the school opening ceremony video and other display, please stay on task. Early completion means we can move on to other important projects (ie dot.coms.)

S2s are to prepare for the Mini Robo GP which I am confident our hardworking rivals are seriously preparing for the September challenge. Relive those moments when you came so close to winning. Prepare the tracks, the carpet the bots. Maintenance and top condition of Robo Racer is an integral aspect of winning.

Class Blogs
Please ensure that your respective classes have launched their class blogs. Else do help them out. Persons in charge for class blogs may not necessarily be from Technology Club. However, since we already have a session on blogging Im sure you can help out

Tech Club Blog
This Technology Club Blog will be run by the teachers-in-charge, Club President and key appointment holders to fascilitate immediate updates and sharing of information.


Wann Ching, Amanda & Rebecca please look into the attendance situation and report directly to Mr Lye. Club attendance is a very important aspect of the club as the attendance will be factored into the CCA points allocation at the end of the year.

Use of Lab
Charles please ensure that the labs details are in order.

Eating and Drinking in the Lab
Remind your friends that the lab is not a place to eat or drink. Help us to catch these transgressors and make an example of them. The labs get littered after lunch and the culprits have been elusive leaving only wrappers and drink bottles that

Theft of Mouse
Recently there have been several theft of optical mouse in Lab1 that went unreported. Please report any discrepancies immediately to the teachers so as to exonerate (free from blame TechClub persons-in-charge from any blame.