Sunday, January 30, 2005

Proposed T-Shirt Design

Proposed new 2005 T-shirt design (back). Comments? Jap characters says..." ". We'll keep them guessing.Posted by Hello

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Mr Lye briefing on Lab procedures. Posted by Hello

TechClub Announcements Week 5

Dear All

1. Students who were absent from last Friday's CCA are required to produce a written explanation why you were absent as this wil be taken into account for 2005 attendance. Club secretary Amanda will be filing these and tech club teachers will look into them.You may not excuse yourself from CCA simply by informing any committee member. You need to inform one of the three teachers-in-charge.

Truancy from CCA is a serious matter.

2. There was a phototaking session on Friday of all members present. This is compulsory for attendance and name cards labels. We will do a second round on Wednesday from 2.20pm - 3.00pm and there will be no more after that.

3. Do not forget to get your black technology club file.

4. Please keep yourselves updated with this announcement blog. I have incorporated a tagboard here for us to communicate faster and in the open. Do not abuse it.

5. Remember to brainstorm for Technopreneurship ideas as everyone is involved. Pratap Singh from 4A will be overall co-ordinator.

Tech Club WSSS

Monday, January 24, 2005

Annuncements For Friday 28 Jan 2005

To All Technology Club members

1. All Technology Club members S1 to S4 are to assemble at the Technology Club room before we assign you to your respective duties and posts.

Please make sure you have the following items.

(a) Technology Club File (Black) to keep track of. This file is to be brought with you during all CCA days to record all your activities.
(b) Notebook to take down points
(c) Stationary.

2. Meanwhile, brainstorm for Technopreneurship ideas for discusssion in your assigned groups later.

All the best.


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Suntec City 4th National RoboGP

The team at Suntec City 4th National RoboGP in November. Posted by Hello

ZhenMing - better win this year!  Posted by Hello

WanChing & Deya S3 team1. Posted by Hello

S3 (2004) team in action. Posted by Hello

Almost getting best time. Posted by Hello

4th National RoboGP team 5th overall position  Posted by Hello

2005 First Announcements

Welcome back to West Spring Technology Club 2005.

This year will be an exciting year for all of us.

As we settle down into our daily routines of the new school, we need to quickly prepare ourselves as National competitions are coming up fast. Identify the competition domains you would wish to participate in and quickly get into your training routines.

Ultimately you have to understand that the club teachers cannot be there 24/7 to supervise all your activities during CCA time. Each moment spent not perfecting that program or multimedia design, a moment of opportunity for gold is lost.

Be very appreciative of your new environment, the new school and its facilities. Learn how to use them to the advantage of the club. I have seen NCC Land boys working hard unsupervised. Why? Because they are driven, because they are proud of their uniform, because they are proud of who they are. Although we are not a uniform group we need emulate this sense of pride of being identified with the club and an almost automatic where the club leaders take the initiative to organize activities for junior members. You may be a junior in school maybe in S2 but you may have more experience than senior members in the club activities. So take the lead.

Goal Setting
  • You will need to evaluate your responsibilities in our technology club seriously. I have handed out the personal particulars form to everyone of you for you to consider your goals.
  • You must take the initiative to move the Technology Club to greater heights because ultimately the reputation of the club rests upon your shoulders.
  • The form I have given out includes a section whereby I require of you to list out the position you ultimately want to rise to in the Club. Think about this seriously.
  • My challenge for you is that this year I want you to make Tech Cluc the most important and recognized club in the school - meaning trophies and good, enriching activities for all our members.
No one remembers who came in second place.
A perfect collection of consolation prize medals means nothing.
This is your year, make it count.

Team Work, Respect & Synergy
Each of us is blessed with different levels of abilities. All I am asking for is for you to put your 100% commitment into the club. Whether in preparing for competitions or hard at work monitoring the laboratories.
Lead by example.
While we are seriously and hard at work, take time to get to know your other Technology Club members.
Be proud of being a member of the club.

There will be time for LAN gaming, X-box and celebrations, but you will have to earn these.

Ok, I will want my forms in by Thursday afternoon.

Mr Rudie Asmara