Friday, June 30, 2006

Infocomm Compettions To Check Out

Hello everyone

The Infocomm Authority of Singapore will be organizing some very cool competitions starting July. Everyone from Tech Club should check out the website for the various competitions organized.

Website is at

Everyone from Tech Club should be forming teams to take part in any of the competitions so that you will have some competition experience and chance of winning trophies for yourselves and the school. Inform me of your groupings by next CCA session (next Friday)

There is even a create-your-own-game competition. The organizers will conduct a workshop first to equi you with the necessary skills.

2. is the Animation 2006 website. Superbly interesting animation competition. Why dont you use your gunbound characters or maplestory or whatever-you're-gaming-with these days to make some interesting storylines?

Mr Rudie Asmara

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Aftermath of the compeition

After a long hush battle through the compeition... It was finally over.

to the Sec 2 team consisting of Zafran , Nicholas and Melvin who have also won the Most Bizzare Robot Award as well as the Sec 3 Team who have enter the Finals. I would like to give thanks to the teams who have put in effort to achieve their best.
We hope that you continue to put in more effort for further upcoming compeitions.

Carpet on the way.
We are expecting the carpet to be arriving around this month to the end of June.
I hope that when the carpet arrives you can take good care of it and not abuse it.
We hope that it would be a motivation booster for you guys and gals.

That should be all for now.

Monday, May 29, 2006

The Holidays.

Thank you!!!
to all TechClub Members who have helped in the fund-raising for the president's challenge =D
We earned an approximate of $80 for the event, it was a good start for the funds.

Possibility of Mini LAN club
Since that it is possible for a gaming place to be organise like "Be Yourself Day" , We may be requesting permission to open the club to students when the term3 starts. The club will only be opened to students who are given a membership card from their teachers to allow them to enjoy the fantasies of gaming on a normal school day. ( but this cards can only be obtained when they obtain excellent or great results and mostly for Sec 1-3 )
This is only a possiblilty and hopefully would become reality =P
Till then everyone work hard , play hard =D

Funds for the other stuff (shown in earlier post)
Looking forward to them as always. how nice to have a carpet in the technology club =P
Well we may have to wait for a while for that to happen as well as the other stuff.

More updates or news to come up anytime =D
till then stay cool..

"Don’t expect too much of yourself, exceed at your best. Even perfection itself has a flaw." quote of the day.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Activities during the Holidays

New stuff coming out!
How bout a break? =D

Some activities that will be taking place not far from today.
-Be Yourself Day
> Possiblity of A Lan Gaming room on Friday as well as a mini X-Square (X-box gaming) for everyone to join in the fun.
-Techclub BBQ
>There may be a BBQ for the tech-club members to join which will be taking place probably in the middle of the holidays. Get along and know your fellow members , even get a chance to play X-box and Lan gaming with one another during the BBQ. Cool?

Many more to come up.. just keep on checking!

Other stuff coming up....
- Rather than wearing that Uniform all day long.. feel stuffy? Well, why not design a T-shirt for the club? You guys can design the T-shirt of the club to be wore during cca days and competitions. Design slips would be handed out to you guys soon! Tickle your imagination , let it run wild!

-Shoe/Bag rack? Little Dining Corner? How about it...
rather than placing the shoes outside and having a limit to bringing in drinks and food. Consideration of a little dining corner for you guys as well as a place to put your bags and shoes.

-Carpet @_@ Why not!? being waiting for it for a longggggggggggg time. Well lets all try to push for it? should we? (sorry for propaganda message)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Notice For APRC Competitors

This are the following dates for your team to prepare for the upcoming competition.
Preparation in school:

School Days
[Not compulsory] Monday (22nd May)
[Not compulsory] Thursday (25th May)
[Compulsory] Friday (26th May)
[Compulsory] Monday (29th may)

The competition will be held on 30 and 31st May (8am to 6pm).
You have already being organised into specific teams for either sumobot or shot put. There will be no changes unless under special reasons.

Forms of the teams and dates will be given out to you on week 10.
The Maps of the activities(Shot Putt / Sumo Bot) will be ready for use by friday for the APRC members to train and test their robots.

If there are any enquiries, please approach the teachers or the seniors.


Thursday, May 18, 2006


To all techonology club members. All techonology club members that are taking part in the APRC competition pls take note that the competitions are on the 30 and 31 of May 2006. Which is the Tuesday and Wednesday of the school holidays. All participating team members please come to school at 9am during the first day of the holiday which is Monday. MC is required if you are absent.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New Administrators On The Way

1. The technology club blog certainly needs new blog administrators to maintain the blog to keep it current. (even Xbox, Nintendo & Playstation have launched their new platforms - we ought to keep up)

Lester (3A) will be heading this project assisted by several other S2 techclub members.

Also needed is an alternate blog on new technologies. There are many exciting new technologies emerging out there that we can share together, from tagboard to gaming, hardware and software developments.

2. Good luck for the APRC Challenge to all participating teams! Bring home the gold!

3. All Technology Club Members are reminded to attend all LEGO training sessions. Money from your personal Edusave account have been used and it would be quite a waste not to attend the very interesting workshops planned for you. Attendance is COMPULSORY!

Bon Chance